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Privilege & Responsibility | Service

Updated: May 30

Service is a responsibility, obligation, and privilege for leaders. It presents us with an opportunity to enrich the lives of family, friends, teams, and communities while cultivating virtue and character:

  • Serving alongside diverse individuals nurtures our empathy, emotional intelligence, and ability to build cohesive teams.

  • The obstacles we encounter during service teach resilience, critical thinking, and adaptability. We learn to navigate challenges, think creatively, and adapt to changing circumstances.

  • Service is a privilege that demands gratitude, as it provides a platform for our personal development and the cultivation of virtues like humility, compassion, and selflessness.

  • Serving helps us gain practical experience in communication, problem-solving, and team management.

  • Serving others is an obligation that connects us to our communities and reminds us of our interdependence. It is a way to express gratitude for the privileges we enjoy.

Service is a powerful catalyst for growth, enabling us to positively influence and inspire family, friends, teams, and communities while cultivating virtue, character, and leadership skills.

Community Conversation:

Please share your answers with the WWTO community in the comments below.

Why is service an important aspect of leadership?

Can you give an example of a leader who serves in your community, team, or family?

What unique skills, knowledge, or passion do you have that you could use to serve?

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How can you be a leader if you are not willing to give.

A good friend of mine (although he has many, many people who would say that) is so giving of his time and talents that it is no wonder so many people look to him for guidance and inspiration.

Replying to

Yeah, I think a generous leader is someone who can be trusted. When you see that a leader has your best interest at heart it give them credibility.

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