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Through individual contributions and corporate support, enrollment scholarships are available to wrestling and outdoor teams, clubs, and organizations. Call Rob for details: 717.433.4397

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Our program provides a structured approach to leadership that growth-minded coaches, teams, and individuals use to build character, advance culture, and improve performance.


In the member's area of our site, we post lessons on skills, disciplines, and habits that strengthen leadership. We reflect on these lessons as individuals, discuss them with our team, and share our thoughts with the WWTO community. Built to leverage the experience, expertise, and enthusiasm of our members, the WWTO Leadership program teaches self-managed leadership, virtue cultivation, and strength through service.


Habitudes Leadership is a proven curriculum used by over 8,000 schools and communities throughout the United States and over 500,000 individuals in organizations including Georgia Department of Education, U.S. Department of Justice, Future Farmers of America, Purdue University, Virginia Tech, and The Boys and Girls Club of America.

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We've created a virtue curriculum specifically for the wrestling and outdoors community that compliments Habitudes Leadership. Inspired by classical methods of ethical instruction, we teach leaders to identify both the deficit and excess of virtue in their lives and cultivate character by seeking the "Golden Mean"

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Through service we gain perspectives that improve emotional intelligence and deepen individual understanding. Hands-on engagement with others creates empathy and insight. The connections formed through service forge bonds of trust and respect. Our program views service through the lens of leadership and virtue.


Membership is just $5/month for individuals, schools, and business.


Coaches and Team Leaders please call Rob Rapsey for you team's membership code @ 717.433.4397.


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