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Leadership, virtue, and service . These values are cultivated in the wrestling and outdoors community and taught in the WWTO Leadership program. Whether it's on the mat or in the mountains we believe leadership is forged by virtue and strengthened through service. Our program provides a structured approach to developing a leadership mindset and can be used in season and out by coaches, teams, and individuals.


Throughout the week we post lessons focusing on specific skills, disciplines, and practices that can be used to build leadership, virtue, and service. These lessons include questions to engage individual reflection or team conversations. We also provide a comment section online that allows all of us in the WWTO community to participate in thoughtful discussion and shared experience. How often you use these lessons is up to you. We've created the program to be a flexible tool that will fit into your schedule.


Habitudes Leadership is a proven curriculum used by over 8,000 schools and organizations throughout the United States and has been used to impact over 500,000 individuals in organizations including Georgia Department of Education, U.S. Department of Justice, Future Farmers of America, Purdue University, Virginia Tech, and The Boys and Girls Club of America.

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Dr. Timothy Dernlan is a nationally recognized leader in the field of virtue and character formation. Under his oversight the WWTO virtue curriculum compliments Habitudes Leadership. Inspired by classical methods of ethical instruction, we teach leaders to identify both the deficit and excess of virtue in their lives and cultivate character by seeking the "Golden Mean"

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Service is not only a privilege and responsibility, it is a indispensable component of leadership growth and competence. Service allows us to gain perspectives that improve emotional intelligence and deepen individual understanding. Hands-on engagement with others creates empathy and insight. The connections formed through service forge bonds of trust and respect. Our program views service through the lens of leadership and virtue.


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